As the medical community continues to address the challenges of Long COVID, or Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC), the demand for physical therapists specializing in post-COVID care has risen significantly. Patients recovering from Long COVID often face a unique set of physical challenges, ranging from persistent fatigue and breathlessness to muscle weakness and joint pain. Finding a qualified physical therapist with experience in managing these specific post-COVID symptoms is crucial for effective rehabilitation. This article provides guidance on how to find the right physical therapist specializing in post-COVID care.

  • Understanding the Role of Physical Therapy in Post-COVID Recovery

    Physical therapists play a critical role in the recovery process of Long COVID patients. They offer tailored rehabilitation programs designed to improve strength, endurance, mobility, and overall functional ability while managing the lingering symptoms of the virus.

    Steps to Find a Specialized Physical Therapist

    1. Start with Referrals

    • Primary Care Physician: Your primary healthcare provider can be an excellent source for referrals to physical therapists who specialize in post-COVID care.
    • Hospital or Post-COVID Clinics: If you were hospitalized or attended a post-COVID clinic, ask for recommendations for physical therapists who understand the complexities of Long COVID.

    2. Check Professional Networks

    • Physical Therapy Associations: Look for physical therapists through professional bodies such as the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) or similar organizations in your country, which often have directories of practitioners by specialty.
    • Specialized Rehabilitation Centers: Some rehabilitation centers have dedicated programs for post-COVID recovery. Research and reach out to these centers for specialist referrals.

    3. Research Online

    • Online Directories and Reviews: Use online healthcare directories and review sites to find physical therapists with good reviews and experience in treating Long COVID patients.
    • Social Media and Forums: Platforms like LinkedIn, health forums, and support groups for Long COVID can provide personal recommendations and experiences.

    4. Evaluate Expertise and Experience

    • Specialized Training: Look for therapists who have undergone specialized training or have a demonstrated focus on post-viral syndromes, particularly COVID-19.
    • Patient Testimonials: Patient testimonials can provide insights into the therapist’s expertise and success in treating Long COVID patients.

    5. Consider Location and Accessibility

    For ongoing treatment, consider the location and ease of access to the physical therapist’s clinic. Proximity and convenience can be important factors in your recovery journey.

    6. Verify Insurance and Costs

    Check if the therapist’s services are covered by your health insurance. Understanding the cost and insurance coverage can help in making an informed decision.

    Questions to Ask Potential Therapists

    When contacting a physical therapist, consider asking the following questions:

    • What experience do you have in treating Long COVID patients?
    • Are you familiar with the latest protocols and exercises beneficial for post-COVID recovery?
    • Can you tailor the rehabilitation program to my specific symptoms and recovery goals?
    • How do you track and measure progress in recovery?


    Finding the right physical therapist specializing in post-COVID care is a key step in the journey towards recovery. A therapist with the right expertise and experience can offer personalized care that addresses the unique challenges posed by Long COVID. By thoroughly researching, seeking referrals, and asking the right questions, patients can find a professional who will be instrumental in their path to regaining strength, mobility, and overall health and wellbeing.

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