Our Story

Founding Vision

Swirl of Hope emerged from a deeply personal experience – a journey marked by confusion, struggle, but ultimately, resilience. Our founder, Pam Flynn, encountered the perplexing and often overlooked realities of Long COVID-19 first hand. After recovering from the initial viral infection, Pam expected to return to her normal life. Instead, she found herself grappling with lingering symptoms that totally changed her life. She suffered from extreme taste and smell disorders This condition was life altering for Pam, as she always found joy in cooking and enjoying meals with friends and family. There was little to no information available about these dreadful symptoms as Pam searched news articles and research groups.

Pam’s experience was far from unique. She discovered a vast community of individuals who were silently enduring other post COVID-19 challenges. These maladies included fatigue, brain fog, joint and muscle pain, anxiety and depression, and digestive issues. However, what struck her was the profound lack of awareness and understanding surrounding these experiences. There was a glaring need for a platform that could support, educate, and advocate for those affected by Long COVID-19.

Inspired to fill this gap, Pam launched Swirl of Hope. The name symbolizes the whirlwind of emotions and challenges faced by those dealing with Long COVID-19, while also representing the hope and resilience that guides them through. The mission was clear: to create a hub of support, awareness, and advocacy for individuals living with the long-term effects of COVID-19.

Our Evolution

Since its inception, Swirl of Hope has grown significantly, both in its reach and in the breadth of its initiatives. Here are some key milestones we are aiming to achieve:

  • Community Building: Starting as a small online forum, Swirl of Hope is rapidly expanded into a large, supportive community. We look forward to hosting regular virtual support meetings, connecting people from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences and coping strategies.
  • Awareness Campaigns: Recognizing the need for increased awareness, Swirl of Hope is launching several campaigns. These include social media initiatives, participation in health conferences, and collaborations with influencers to reach a broader audience.
  • Resource Development: We’ve compiled and created a comprehensive resource library. This includes easy-to-understand guides on Long COVID-19 symptoms, coping mechanisms, and latest research findings.
  • Partnerships with Medical Experts: Swirl of Hope is looking forward to partnering with healthcare professionals and researchers to provide accurate, up-to-date information. These collaborations open channels for advocating for Long COVID-19 research and better treatment protocols.
  • Policy Advocacy: Our efforts extend to policy advocacy, where we’ve engaged with healthcare policy makers to recognize Long COVID-19 as a serious public health issue, leading to better funding and support systems for those affected.
  • Global Reach: What began as a local initiative is now gaining international traction. Swirl of Hope has members and contributors from across the globe, making it a truly international community.

Swirl of Hope’s journey is a testament to the power of community and the impact of shared understanding and support. From a personal struggle to a global movement, Swirl of Hope stands as a beacon of resilience, advocating for a world where no one faces the long journey of Long COVID-19 alone.

Core Purpose

At Swirl of Hope, our primary goal is to serve as a beacon of support, information, and advocacy for individuals affected by Long COVID-19. Our mission is centered around three key pillars:

  1. Support and Empathy: We strive to provide a compassionate and understanding community for those grappling with the myriad of challenges posed by Long COVID-19. By offering a space for sharing experiences, Swirl of Hope aims to alleviate the isolation and misunderstanding often faced by individuals dealing with this condition.
  2. Awareness and Education: Recognizing the general lack of awareness about Long COVID-19, we are dedicated to educating the public, healthcare professionals, and policymakers. Our objective is to shed light on the real and often debilitating symptoms of Long COVID-19, promoting a broader understanding and more effective approaches to care.
  3. Advocacy and Research: We advocate for increased research into Long COVID-19, pushing for advancements in treatment options and healthcare policies. Our goal is to be at the forefront of efforts to secure necessary resources and recognition for those impacted by this post-viral condition.

Long-Term Vision

Swirl of Hope envisions a future where Long COVID-19 is universally recognized and effectively addressed within healthcare systems worldwide. Our long-term aspirations include:

  • Global Recognition and Understanding: We aim to see Long COVID-19 universally acknowledged as a significant public health issue, with widespread understanding among both medical professionals and the general public.
  • Comprehensive Support Systems: Our vision is to facilitate the establishment of comprehensive support systems, ensuring that those affected by Long COVID-19 have access to necessary medical care, mental health support, and community resources.
  • Advancements in Treatment and Research: We aspire to be a driving force in advocating for and supporting research into Long COVID-19, contributing to breakthroughs in treatment methods and, ultimately, a solution to this challenging condition.
  • Influence on Health Policies: Swirl of Hope seeks to influence health policies at both national and international levels, advocating for the inclusion of Long COVID-19 in healthcare planning, funding, and resource allocation.
  • Empowered Community: We envision a strong, empowered community of individuals affected by Long COVID-19 who are equipped with the knowledge, resources, and support to lead fulfilling lives.

In essence, Swirl of Hope aspires to be more than just a resource – we aim to be a catalyst for change, driving forward a world where the challenges of Long COVID-19 are met with unwavering support, advanced understanding, and effective action.

Together, we are not just hoping for a better future; we are actively shaping it.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Healthcare Entities: Our goal is to partner with hospitals, clinics, and health organizations to facilitate better patient care and to provide healthcare professionals with up-to-date information about Long COVID-19.

Research Institutions: Our goal of collaborating with research institutions is crucial. It involves participating in studies, funding research projects, and disseminating findings to contribute to the global understanding of Long COVID-19.

Educational Institutions: We aim to work with universities and educational bodies to integrate Long COVID-19 into medical and healthcare curricula, ensuring that the next generation of healthcare professionals is well-equipped to manage this condition.

Global Health Organizations: Our efforts are aligning with those of global health organizations to ensure that Long COVID-19 is recognized and addressed on an international scale.

Community Organizations: We are always open to collaborating with local community organizations to extend our reach and to ensure that support is available at the grassroots level.

Corporate Partnerships: We are open to engaging with corporations for funding and support, ensuring a steady flow of resources that are vital for our various initiatives.

Through these methodologies and collaborations, Swirl of Hope will not only provide immediate support to those affected by Long COVID-19, but also work towards creating a future where this condition is fully understood, effectively treated, and universally recognized as a significant health concern.

Impact Stories

While COVID-19 related taste and smell disorders have been life altering for our Founder, Pam Flynn, there are so many other people that are suffering much worse symptoms from Long Covid.

These include: neurological conditions, dizziness, depression, muscle and joint pain, rash, digestive problems, irregular heartbeat, other heart conditions, blood clots, breathlessness, fatigue, coughing, wheezing, difficulty thinking or concentrating, anxiety, panic attacks, headache, sleep disorders, fever…the list goes on and on. Some people with Long Covid aren’t able to go to work or do simple daily chores. The media is just beginning to bring light to these unprecedented medical conditions. Our HOPE is that the medical and research groups will find a cure/treatment for all affected. Sometimes it’s difficult, but we all need to remember to have a Swirl of Hope.

See our TESTIMONIALS section for more information from people around the world who are suffering from Long Covid.

Engagement & Support

Joining hands with Swirl of Hope means becoming a part of a community that’s dedicated to making a real difference in the lives of those affected by Long COVID-19. Whether you are someone who has been personally touched by this condition, a healthcare professional, a researcher, or simply someone who cares, your involvement and support are invaluable to our mission.

How to Get Involved
  1. Volunteer Your Time: We are always in need of passionate volunteers. Whether it’s helping with our online presence, organizing events, or contributing to our support groups, your time and skills can make a significant impact.
  2. Become an Advocate: Help us spread the word about Long COVID-19 and Swirl of Hope. Whether through social media, community outreach, or personal networks, your voice can help raise awareness and break down stigmas.
  3. Share Your Story: If you or someone you know has been affected by Long COVID-19, consider sharing your story on our platform. Your experiences can provide comfort, inspiration, and invaluable insights to others. Email us at info@covidswirl.com and we will review your story.
  4. Donate: Financial contributions play a crucial role in sustaining our initiatives. Donations of any size help in funding our research partnerships, awareness campaigns, and support programs. CLICK HERE to donate and help us continue our work.
  5. Collaborate: If you’re part of an organization, research institution, or healthcare entity, consider partnering with us. Together, we can expand our reach and deepen our impact.
  6. Follow Us on Social Media: Stay updated and help spread the word. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and join the conversation.
  7. Visit Our Shop: Ready to show your support for Swirl of Hope? Visit our Shop page now to explore our collection, show your support, and make a positive impact today.

Your involvement, in any form, is a step towards a world where Long COVID-19 is recognized and adequately addressed. Each action, big or small, contributes to the larger goal of supporting those affected and advancing our understanding of this condition.

With Swirl of Hope, you are not just supporting a cause; you are igniting a movement. Join us today, and let’s create a Swirl of Hope, together.

Our Founder

Pam Flynn

Pam Flynn lives in Atlantic Beach, NC. She is happily married to John and is blessed with two children, their spouses, and five precious grandchildren. Pam’s greatest joy comes from spending time with her family and friends. Volunteering and helping those in need are important to her. You can often find her spending hours walking on various local beaches, enjoying nature and searching for treasures.

Pam spent thirty rewarding years teaching kindergarten and first grade in Morehead City, NC. She calls it “the job that keeps on giving” as she delights in seeing her many former students and their families during her daily life out and about in the community.

Following Pam’s years in education, she was employed at Le Chris Counseling Services for ten years. There, she mentored children and adults facing mental health issues, which she found very insightful and rewarding.

During the following five years, Pam enjoyed her next adventure as a substitute teacher at local elementary schools. Spending time with little ones again reminded her of the true reason she chose to be a teacher. Most mornings included stops to buy Little Debbie Cakes on her way to class!!

For eight years, Pam owned and operated a vacation rental she named “Bettie’s Best Kept Secret.” She was pleased and gratified when families and friends made happy memories at her vacation home.

Pam pondered over a year developing the idea behind “Swirl of Hope™”. She spent many hours of reading and researching, and feels it is the perfect time to share this knowledge publicly.

  • Bright Colors of Hope

    The bright colors in the symbol represent the hope for improvement and the positivity of the community.

  • Dark Colors of Frustration

    The dark colors represent feelings of frustration and the difficulty of dealing with the long term effects of COVID-19.

  • Swirl of Emotions & Feelings

    The loss of distortion of taste and smell changes the way we experience the world. This can be disorienting and the swirl represents these tumultuous emotions.

Together, we are Making a Difference

Covid-19 has impacted the lives of millions. For many, the impact continues today. Read stories from individuals, like you, living with post COVID-19 disorders and how they are managing their lives.

“In my mind, the after effects are a far worse consequence than the 1st time I got Covid or the 2nd. Today, I still deal with headaches and shortness of breath. I deal with the stench of taking a shower and the water. . . smells like chemicals.”
- Prettylady261


“I am so far into loss of smell, that when I do smell something, it’s not accurate. Like freshly mowed grass. It smells horrible. I’m a landscaper, so it’s inescapable.”
- Jennifer Jimerson


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We Are A Symbol of Hope

You can help spread awareness for people living with long COVID-19.

Together, we can help spread awareness about the long-term effects of Covid-19, make a difference, and help individuals find their way back to a brighter, healthier future.

The Swirl of Hope™ products help create awareness to our cause and will further establish Swirl of Hope as a central hub of information for anyone suffering from disorders associated with Long Covid-19.

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