Living With Long COVID-19

“Loss or distortion of taste and smell causes one to lose a very important and emotional way of experiencing the world and affects our quality of life. These two senses play a huge role in our lives, this becomes apparent only when one experiences this loss or distortion.” – Pam Flynn


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  • Bright Colors of Hope

    The bright colors in the symbol represent the hope for improvement and the positivity of the community.

  • Dark Colors of Frustration

    The dark colors represent feelings of frustration and the difficulty of dealing with the long term effects of COVID-19.

  • Swirl of Emotions & Feelings

    The loss of distortion of taste and smell changes the way we experience the world. This can be disorienting and the swirl represents these tumultuous emotions.

Living with Post COVID-19 Disorders:
Spreading Awareness

We launched Swirl of Hope™ to promote awareness of the loss or alteration of taste and smell caused by COVID-19. We hope to create an informative and supportive community by bringing people together who are dealing with these conditions.

Please join us as we aim to help individuals find long Covid support and manage the long-term effects of COVID-19.

“We strive to offer hope for restoration of these vital senses, without words.”

Pam Flynn

– Founder, Swirl of Hope™

We Are A Symbol of Hope

The Swirl of Hope™ products help create awareness to our cause. This symbol indicates, without words, that one has smell or taste disorders from COVID-19.



Together, we are Making a Difference

Read updates from the Swirl of Hope™ team and stories from individuals living with post COVID-19 disorders.

“In my mind, the after effects are a far worse consequence than the 1st time I got Covid or the 2nd. Today, I still deal with headaches and shortness of breath. I deal with the stench of taking a shower and the water. . . smells like chemicals.”
- Prettylady261


“I am so far into loss of smell, that when I do smell something, it’s not accurate. Like freshly mowed grass. It smells horrible. I’m a landscaper, so it’s inescapable.”
- Jennifer Jimerson


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My Story: Pam Peterson
News & Updates

My husband put on cologne this morning…. and it smelled GOOD!   He has had to stop wearing it (or being very selective in what he wears) due to the ‘smell’.  But today, it was a pleasant smell!  I decided to push it and ate a banana! It tasted like Banana!  No nasty chemical taste!  […]

My Story: Prettylady261
News & Updates

My Story: Prettylady261 Oct 2021: I started to feel really sick, I could feel the heat in my eyes. Then it followed with cold, I was cold all over. I remember thinking like the rest of the world, “naaahhh it can’t be!” So, I sucked it up for the night. The next morning after tossing and turning, […]

Comments From Individuals Affected by Covid-19
News & Updates

Comments like these show just how hard life is for people dealing with the alteration or loss of taste and smell due to COVID-19. At Swirl of Hope™, we hope to bring people together who share these conditions to create an informative and supportive community. I hate grocery shopping. The meat department is the worst. […]

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