Common Misconceptions about Long COVID Symptoms

In the age of instant information and, unfortunately, misinformation, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen its fair share of myths. One such area that has been surrounded by a cloud of confusion and misconceptions is “Long COVID.” As researchers work hard to unpack the science behind it, it’s vital for the public to be aware of and dispel these myths. Here are some common misconceptions about Long COVID symptoms:

Only those who have had severe COVID-19 can develop Long COVID.

Truth: While it’s true that individuals who were hospitalized with COVID-19 may experience prolonged symptoms, even those with mild or asymptomatic cases can develop Long COVID. The severity of the initial infection is not always a predictor of post-acute symptoms.

Long COVID is just “in the head.”

Truth: While psychological symptoms like anxiety, depression, or brain fog are reported in Long COVID, many physical symptoms are well-documented. These include fatigue, chest pain, joint pain, and more. It’s essential to approach Long COVID with a holistic perspective, acknowledging both its physical and mental manifestations.

Long COVID symptoms are the same for everyone.

Truth: The spectrum of symptoms is vast. While some individuals might experience persistent cough or fatigue, others might have cardiovascular or neurological symptoms. The manifestation and combination of symptoms can vary widely among individuals.

Long COVID is just another term for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

Truth: While there are symptom overlaps, such as profound fatigue, between Long COVID and CFS, they are distinct entities. Long COVID arises post a COVID-19 infection, while the causes of CFS, though not fully understood, are more diverse.

If you haven’t recovered within three months, you’ll have Long COVID forever.

Truth: While the duration of Long COVID varies, many individuals report a gradual improvement in their symptoms over time. It’s misleading to assume that if symptoms persist past a specific timeframe, they’ll never resolve.

Children cannot get Long COVID.

Truth: Though rarer than in adults, children can and do experience prolonged symptoms after a COVID-19 infection. Symptoms might include fatigue, headaches, and abdominal issues, among others.

Vaccines can cause Long COVID.

Truth: There’s no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 vaccines cause Long COVID. On the contrary, getting vaccinated reduces the risk of severe disease and by extension, the likelihood of developing post-acute complications.

Long COVID is just the body’s way of fully recovering, and no medical intervention is needed.

Truth: While it’s true that some symptoms might resolve on their own, many individuals with Long COVID benefit from medical interventions, whether it’s management of specific symptoms, physical therapy, or mental health support. Always consult a healthcare professional if you believe you’re experiencing Long COVID.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of COVID-19 knowledge, misconceptions can cloud our understanding and lead to stigmatization or inadequate care. It’s crucial to rely on up-to-date, evidence-based sources and maintain open communication with healthcare professionals. Dispelling myths around Long COVID is a step towards ensuring that those affected receive the understanding and care they need.

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