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Comments like these show just how hard life is for people dealing with the alteration or loss of taste and smell due to COVID-19. At Swirl of Hope™, we hope to bring people together who share these conditions to create an informative and supportive community.

  • I hate grocery shopping. The meat department is the worst. I wander around, but nothing inspires me to cook for my hubby. Half the time I go home and I don’t have an entree to cook.
  • The brain says, “Oh that looks nice!”. The senses say, “There’s nothing that I can remember.”
  • At the grocery store, I feel like I’m in a maze and can’t get out.
  • How can you stand living again after losing your sense of smell, how can you ever feel normal after this?
  • It’s hard. I think of it like being in mourning for a loved one. It’s like getting used to a new way of life without something that was once so important.
  • I am the only one I know personally going through this, so I have a special appreciation for those in support groups.
  • With lots of news coverage in the USA, loss of taste and smell isn’t mentioned often as part of Long COVID.
  • Everyone deals with this differently, and for some of us, it causes social anxiety. Our most basic senses are taken away.
  • Tonight, I made chicken and rice casserole. My family thought it tasted good. I thought it was horrible, rancid. Why won’t this end?
  • My ENT is no help. He told me it will be like this the rest of my life.
  • So sorry, hang in there. I thought I was alone until I found these support groups. Show your family these groups.
  • I can’t tell you how many people that know I can’t taste, still ask me how my food is. It’s so hard.
  • We all take taste and smell for granted until suddenly it’s not there.
  • Yes, just eat to stay alive. It’s a chore now, not a feast.
  • Someone said, “Oh wow! You lost your taste? God, I’d lose so much weight.” It’s so insensitive, I just can’t.
  • Cucumbers and melons taste like snot, coffee tastes like poop, and poop smells like bread.
  • My second baby is ten months old, and I’ve never smelled her baby smell. It’s devastating as a mother to not smell your baby. I lost part of my bond with her and I pray every day for one single sniff of her.
  • Sometimes I smell small things, but just for a few seconds. It’s so crazy! I feel like I’m losing my mind. I keep praying and now take meds for anxiety.